More and more I am noticing that the latest fashion trends are things that I used to wear about 15-20 years ago. I’m either becoming more observant or I’m just getting older – I think that it is probably the latter. Jumpsuits (cringe), baggy genie type pants (like MC Hammer) (double cringe), the loose fitting tops gathered at the bottom with elastic, extra short crop jackets and cardigans and so the list goes on.

I found an interesting article in which Calvin Klein had the following to say:  he prefers classic shapes to edgier items. He thinks people get too caught up in wearing what is in style, and forget to dress for their body shape.

All too often I see well-endowed girls sqeezed into lycra tops three sizes too small, or petite girls drowning in a ‘fashionable shapeless’ full length dress wandering down the street. Unfortunately fashion will always dictate what we wear, despite the style, cut or friends warning us to the contrary.

Me… I’m conservative and take a lot of convincing to try new, trendy pieces. My budget conscious approach to life means I am not usually willing to pay the excessive price tag for a poorly sewn item of clothing. Particularly so when I know if I put my mind to it, I could probably sew it myself for a quarter of the price.

But fashion’s recurring cycle and people’s fascination with it will continue regardless of my apathy towards it.


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