lucky me

How lucky am I? I read an article this morning titled  ‘Petrol price shoots past $2 a litre’ and am pleased I don’t own a car.

I’ve just sat down having just removed my super-comfy, high performing Asics. Some would say they should be gold-plated given their retail price but feet need good shoes. As I walk about 60 – 70 km every week then I reckon I am getting good value for money.

Anyway I digress — back to the price of petrol. Someone mentioned they paid $170 to fill up their car last night. Eeeek I thought, while sending grateful thoughts to my friend Billie who advised me to sell Harley Wuu a few years back. Harley Wuu has been the first and only car I have ever owned. He was a cute, white Toyota Starlet with a WU licence plate. Billie told me that I did not need a car if I was going to live in the city. “There are buses, taxi’s, and friends who you can call on” she told me “and if you really feel the need to drive a car, then hire one!”

Occassionally I wish I had a car but when that happens, a taxi ride normally fixes the problem. And ‘cos I am nice, I always pass on my supermarket petrol vouchers to the first friend or taxi driver that I see.


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