the buffet table

It’s the time of the year for that commonly asked question … how can I survive the calorie-laden buffet tables at client parties? There is lots of advice around but I’ve tried to pull together some of the more practical suggestions. Hopefully it may help with healthy food choices, or if not, at least keep the I-love-but-my-waistline-doesn’t food choices to a minimum.

  • avoid pastry, cream, mayo, nuts, chippies, and anything deep fried – instead hunt out the salsa, vege sticks and drink lots of water
  • have a healthy filling snack before you arrive at a party to curb those hunger pangs
  • limit yourself to one plate (or serviette) of food and then “move away from that table”
  • chewing sugar-free gum will stop you from eating and drinking
  • if you must indulge your sweet tooth, serve yourself a small portion and don’t return for seconds
  • if you have no self-control, emulate the person who is eating the least amount of food
  • listen to your brain (and stomach) and stop eating when you feel full

But my two favourite ones are:

  • don’t eat anything your great-grandmother would not have served you for lunch or dinner
  • if its not in your cupboard at home, then don’t eat it if you’re out

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