santa claus

Oh my goodness, it was 1 December yesterday and that’s very scary ‘cos it means there are only 23 days until Santa Claus visits.

I am beginning to agree with people that tell me “the older you get, the quicker time flys by.”  It only seems like a couple of months since I was sitting at my desk lamenting the fact that summer was over and I was back to dealing with a crisis at work. However, I fully intend for next year to be big, bright and full of exciting work challenges for me. I may have to revisit my fundamental rules of budgeting 101 but I am sure I’ll manage.

Christmas this year is the “family thing”, and barring any faux pas’, will be enjoyable (or that’s what I am praying for). I’m definitely not a sun-worshipper so I’ll be finding the nearest sun umbrella or shady tree. I’ve borrowed a good book, I have my water bottle, and I have my Neutrogena SPF70+ close at hand.The only thing I am missing is the Lotto ticket so I can win Lotto’s PowerBall draw.

Wishful thinking but dreams are fun…


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