stealing my cool

Why are some people are trying to steal my cool? You’d probably be more familiar with the term ‘don’t pop my balloon’ but I like Leigh K Hunt’s description. But however you describe it, I am puzzled as to why people do it. I’ve made some big decisions in the past few weeks and I thought (wrongly) that my friends would be happy for me — not sit there and point out all the reasons why it is a bad idea.

…and “have I really thought through all the implications of quitting a perfectly good job in this current economic climate?” Ahh yes I have, thanks all the same.

But I’m not going to listen because I am enjoying my current euphoria. I am sure that as you mature, and get to deal with the curveballs that life throws you, you begin to change the way you view things. You start to question whether you are content to muddle along with the status quo, and you wonder whether there is more to life than the present humdrum.

So if you’re happy not stretching your boundaries, that’s fine. But please don’t be negative towards those of us who are trying to get more out of life.


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