’tis the season

Not ’tis the season to be jolly, but ’tis the season to start exercising. I am surprised at the number of new faces I have started seeing when I am out for my early morning walks. I can honestly say that over the winter months, there have only been two other regular walkers that I see each day – rain or shine. Both are mature men and both have been striding around the streets of Wellington like me for the past couple of years.

But to all the newbies that I see, well done. Why would you pay hundreds of dollars each year with a gym membership when there are miles and miles of nice “free” footpaths around the city to use.

On my morning travels I see many things. In the last couple of months I have seen a small luggage key, a door key, hair clips, hair ties, 10 20 and 50c coins, socks, a pen, a bank ATM card, a bangle, and a single girls earring.  You’ll be pleased to know that I was a good samaritan and returned the ATM card to the branch in my lunch hour. I also see some not-so-memorable sights in the weekends — usually people who have not made it home after their night out on the town. These ones I give a wide berth.


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