occam’s razor

All things being equal, the simpliest explanation is usually the correct one.

This is the description applied to the term Occam’s Razor. It’s such an intriguing word and one I rarely hear. The first time was in a movie called Contact, released in 1997. Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster) is a scientist trying to prove the existence of extraterrestrial life. Great movie, and I forgot how much I enjoyed it until someone at work the other day mentioned the words Occam’s Razor.

Word association is interesting, much like the memories we associate with certain scents or things. The smell of aniseed is one example — no matter what the source, I’m right back in my 6th form year at High School eating aniseed balls. Or seeing a monarch butterfly will always remind me of Mum.

Tunes or songs are something else that people associate with certain events in their life. What’s the song that reminds you of the first person who broke your heart? Or the song you and your best friend used to sing to into your hairbrushes? You may not admit it, but I guarantee every one of you has a song that holds special memories. I know I have a few.


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