unusual achievement

Plinky asked: What is your greatest achievement?

Perhaps not the greatest achievement but certainly my most unusual achievement was learning how to fly on the flying trapeze.

In my late twenties I took myself on holiday to Club Med on Lindeman Island. On the second day I discovered Circus School and I was hooked. If “school” was open I was there waiting in line. There are a number of different challenges that people can aim for. From the simple “swing” to a “knee hang, release and catch”. At my time there I managed to get to the third level of “upside down splits, release and catch”.

Not only do I have the certificates to prove it, I also have the photos though they will never see the light of day. Dressed up in my purple lycra body suit, me and the other flying novices put on a circus show with the trainers to show off our new skills.

Absolutely awesome experience and if I ever get the opportunity again, I’ll be first up that ladder to grab hold of the trapeze bar.

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