performance review

It’s annual performance and salary review time. Am I the only one who dreads the thought of their performance review each year? I don’t like them and I can not recall a time when I ever looked forward to having one. I like to think I do my job reasonably well but on the downside I have no tolerance for incompetence and, no matter how hard I try, I will never be a confident bean counter (finance manager or accountant).

I am no expert on the subject but I think the performance review model is flawed. I do not think it is fair for an employee or employer to be forced into condensing 12 months of work effort into a 30 minute slot. Unless you are disciplined and write everything down, the positive feedback will be limited to the most recent thing(s) you or your boss remember, and similarly so for any constructive (a.k.a. negative) feedback. Personally I see much more benefit in having continuous feedback throughout the year rather than saving it all up for one meeting, be it formal or informal. Anyway I’ll finish this tomorrow after my review…

Well I’m back. It was a good review and I run the office smoothly. Yes, I still need to work on not letting my ‘intolerance for incompetence’ show (no surprises there) and they suggested I attend a ‘finance for dummies’ training course (again no surprises there). My managers are easily side-tracked so a lot of the time was spent by them analysing each others performance, with me as the amused spectator. But putting that aside, the review, for the most part was okay.


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