uber decisions

I had forgotten the sheer relief you experience when one finally makes a decision, particularly decisions that fit into the uber-decision category. I must have had an epiphany yesterday as last night I finally sat down and looked at “things” objectively. Obviously I can not say what the actual decision is at the moment but suffice to say, it will push me outside of my comfort zone.

For a while now I have been doing a mental tap dance of “do I, don’t I, should I, could I, will I, won’t I” and it is very very tiring. Common sense and my risk adverse nature was cautioning me to say no, but the other half was telling me I only have one life to live and I’m a long time dead. So I took the plunge.

I wrote down the plan this morning, it makes it “real” for me and now it’s quite exciting. Facing my fears is exhilarating and it reminded me of a brilliant book my parents gave me Feel the fear and do it anyway by Susan Jeffers. Perhaps I should have dragged it out of my bookcase months ago and saved myself a heap of torment. Oh well, that is life as they say.


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