smart phones

I read an interesting article online yesterday about mobile devices. Because there is such an array of options, we can no longer call them just a ‘mobile’ or ‘smartphone’. Competition is wonderful but now the user must decide between 3G or 4G mobiles, blackberrys, iPhones, or an Android.

These new devices are brilliant for people who want to update their facebook status in bed while reading the morning paper, or check their work emails before dessert arrives while sitting in a restaurant. Me? I like the simple things in life and much prefer a basic mobile phone. I did have a fancy smartphone that did everything except make a cup of tea, but I hated it. It only took three months before I put it on Trade Me.

Just give me a plain simple mobile was my plea to the shop assistant, something that I can make a call on, and send and receive a few text messages. It also needs to have big keys, an alarm clock, and a calculator. Forget about blue tooth, facebook apps, music apps, google maps, four square, vehicle tracking, phone tracking and anything else you care to mention.

BYO now refers to ‘bring your own’ device (not wine) to where you work. I much prefer ‘banish your over-priced’ device from interfering with my feng shui… ooops must dash cos my Sony Ericsson flip top mobile is ringing.

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