anywhere but here

How many people have an ‘anywhere but here’ place? When I need to run from life’s humdrum or difficulties, I wish myself away to the Greek Islands. I’ve never been there and I don’t understand a word of greek, but it looks like a beautiful place. It would be my idea of paradise.

There are over 160 islands that are populated and many many more that no-one lives on. They are divided into three main groups: the Dodecanese Islands, the Cyclades Islands, and the Ionian Islands. And within The Cyclades is an island called Santorini.

How could you not fall in love with a name like that. Santorini – the name just rolls off your tongue. The mere thought of it whisks me away to an idyllic lifestyle with sandy beaches, clear blue seas, and rows of stunning white houses perched on the sides of steep hills. Maybe one day it might become a reality… sitting with a glass of local wine watching a sunset that would take your breathe away.

If I had a bucket list, I’d put it on that… but I don’t. But we’re all allowed to dream and as Marsha Norman said:

Dreams are illustrations…. from the book your soul is writing about you

One Response to anywhere but here

  1. Leigh Hunt says:

    Fabulous post Kiwifloss! I absolutely love that quote as well.
    Reading this post reconfirms for me that we need to embrace those dreams and make them a reality.

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