now and then

Now and then things change …

Now we have automatic air-fresheners that destroy bad odours, eliminate bacteria and leave your room smelling like a picturesque hillside covered in spring flowers. Then it was opening a window.

Now it’s using Google and Wikipedia to undertake research for your latest homework assignment on the effects of global warming. Then it was an encyclopedia.

Now it’s liquid soap machines that sense when you place your hand underneath thereby ensuring no germs are left on top of the plunger. Then it was a bar of soap.

Now it’s using a Nintendo Wii Fit Plus to ski downhill in your pyjamas, all within the comfort of your lounge. Then it was building grass huts in the park.

Now it’s breakfast meetings at Starbucks and ordering a Venti Cinnamon Dolce Latte with Soy and Whipped Cream. Then it was Gregg’s instant coffee.

Now it’s reading the Robert Ludlum’s latest spy thriller with an e-book reader at the same time as updating your Facebook status from your mobile phone. Then it was spiderman comic.


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