fanciful, fun & free

Plinky asked “what do you miss most about your childhood?”

The thing I miss most is how uncomplicated my world was. Where my biggest worry was whether Mum would serve broad beans for dinner and make us eat them. Where my punishment would fit “the crime” but knowing it would never come back to haunt me later as a metaphorical “skeleton in my closet”.

My world was simple, and full of honest people who liked me as I was. Back then in my world I didn’t know what a terrorist attack was, I couldn’t spell nuclear bomb, the tooth fairy always left 50 cents for my baby teeth, and Santa Claus managed to squeeze down our chimney each year despite it only being 30cm in diameter.

I remember my nephew when he was younger. Having fun to him was showing me his latest tricks on the trampoline, taking the soccer ball to the park, or building the new lego bionicle with his Dad on Christmas day.

I don’t know when it happens but somewhere along the way we lose our innocence and we forget how to have fun. Life becomes serious, people learn how to be cruel, and material things start to become important.


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