counting my blessings

I recently celebrated my 38th birthday and yesterday I had a belated birthday lunch with my Wellington parents. Lunch was yummy – roast chicken and salad (my choice), a nice bottle of Chard Farm pinot gris, and a fruit platter for dessert. After lunch we got out in the sunshine and spent a couple of hours weeding, cleaning up the garden’s winter rubbish, and admiring the cherry blossom. I got home late in the afternoon and while I sat here, it struck me about how lucky am I.

Only people who have lost one or both parents will understand the gap this leaves in your life. For me having found another set of surrogate parents is just awesome. But I am lucky to be blessed with not one but two sets of surrogate parents. One set lives here in Wellington and the other set lives in my home town, Motueka. I know that whenever I need someone that they’ll always be there – whether it is to give me advice, tell me when I am doing something wrong, or just  listen when I need to talk to someone.

One of the lovely things about my Wellington parents is that I am never allowed to go home empty-handed. Yesterday I was sent home carrying my birthday presents, a bunch of homegrown herbs (mint, basil and rosemary), three dvd’s and a stem of her beautiful orchids. Now that’s definitely warm fuzzy actions and they both mean the world to me.


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