typing wpm

My job must be good for my typing skills. During my last two jobs I did not have to do much typing and as a result my speed and accuracy went downhill. It was so bad at one point that I was barely registering 50 words per minute.

According to a Dr Alan Lloyd in 1976 “less than half the population of the world has the manual dexerity to wiggle their fingers at 50 words per minute or better”. So today I took an online typing test and am pleased to report I achieved a respectable 76wpm. While this is a long way off the fastest person who apparently clocked in at 212wpm, I am happy with my result.

There are a few typing programmes available to help increase your speed and accuracy – I have TypingMaster loaded at home. However the best thing I’ve found for increasing speed and accuracy is heaps of copy typing and transcribing lots of dictation. If you can’t manage that, there is a good website that has free exercises here. The section using frequent words is particularly good. I only have one suggestion to improve it – they really need to add the word business because nine times out of ten I type it as buisness!


One Response to typing wpm

  1. Alex says:

    wow, I can only get about 55wpm. I keep practicing but don’t seem to get a lot better. Still I enjoy taking typing tests to find out where I am at. I like these typing tests since they use interesting quotes and passages

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