why I write

To put it simply, I write to get better at writing. After setting some personal goals last year, one skill I wanted to improve was creative writing. I had the business correspondence and reports under control but I had limited success with other forms of writing – hence starting this blog.

Writing regularly has had other positive spin-offs for me. My vocabulary has increased, my punctuation has improved, as has my grammer. My spelling has always been pretty good but I still consult www.dictionary.com regularly. Perhaps I need to pass that link onto an acquaintance who recently wrote in a report “their argument was floored.”

I’m also more aware of what is happening in the world around me (I think). I don’t blog about current affairs or politics but occasionally I get the urge to vent my frustrations about some womble’s dumb decision. Some things, no matter how hard I try to ignore them, are just so outrageous that I have to offer up my opinion i.e. McDonalds and Weight Watchers.

I didn’t think I would be able to keep up with this blog but I have and it’s a great way to tell the world what you think, without boring your family and friends.


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