a fashion statement?

I’m trying to work out whether shopping trundlers are coming into vogue, or whether they are bad fashion statements. Whenever I think of a shopping trundler, I think of the memorable tartan numbers that my grandparents would have used. Fortunately, these days the colour range has been extended and the discerning buyer can choose from a number of bright and cheerful options. 

From a practical perspective, they tick all the boxes. No more struggling with shopping bags that cut the circulation off to your fingers. I was heartened to see a lot of people using these trundlers at the farmers market in the weekend. Fill ’em up with fruit and veges and wheel ’em home.

Personally, one would be brilliant for my grocery shopping. I live in the city and don’t own a car so grocery shopping is done by weight i.e. I only buy as much as I can comfortably carry home. If I had a shopping trundler, I could shop less often and still get everything home easily.

A friend mentioned that her Aunty has a really cool one that folds up compactly when not in use. I thought that was a brilliant idea but unfortunately hers was bought in Paris and I haven’t got a trip planned there any time soon! So I might have to Google for a collapseable version although I am not sure whether Paris vogue has reached the sunny shores of NZ yet.

One Response to a fashion statement?

  1. […] But after one to many times struggling with bags of groceries I finally swallowed my pride. I took myself off to Briscoes and bought a shopping trundler. It’s black with a bit of creme and has nice sturdy wheels. I should have bought it months ago and now I’m wondering why I left it so long. […]

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