being kind

I saw someone had clicked the ‘like’ button for “Be kinder than necessary, because everyone you meet is fighting some sort of battle.”  If you are not one of the current 400 million active users, a like button is available if you [well] like a group on Facebook.

But getting back to the idea of being kinder than necessary. I think it is an idea with a lot of merit. Just within my small sphere of the universe I can name people who are: recovering from cancer, contemplating a divorce, facing a home mortgagee sale, coping with an anorexic child, and someone being made redundancy after 29 years of service. For others that I know, their battles may not be as dire they still have things messing with their feng shui.

But don’t judge a person based on how awful their battle is — just show a bit of understanding. An insensitive comment or even deliberate nastiness may be the tipping point for the person you last spoke to. Make an effort and spread a bit of kindness. It’s painless (honestly) and incredibly satisfying once you get into the swing of it. And by making someone else happy, the universe will reward you ten-fold.

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