my purple bag

My friend constantly nags me about replacing my little overnight bag.  The silly little suitcase on wheels is barely big enough to hold my lunch, let alone a change of clothes, a pair of shoes, and my toiletry bag. So today I finally treated myself and visited Strand Bags. 

At a push I think I could put this purchase into the “need” (as opposed to “want”) budget category. But regardless of its category, my new carry-all bag is really cool. It’s purple! And being purple, there is no chance of me losing it in the sea of black bags at the airport carousel.

It’s made of heavy duty canvas and even has wheels and an extendable handle. To its list of benefits I should also add that it was discounted by 30 per cent and has a seven year warranty. What more could a girl ask for? …..perhaps working out how to find / fund a holiday so I can use it.


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