thank you ma’am

As we all know receiving good customer service these days can be rare, but not so this morning.

I had to order catering for a work lunch the other day so instead of buying expensive deli sandwiches, I decided to visit my nearby cheap and cheerful cafe. I ordered seven filled rolls and some slices of cake. The lovely owner, with very limited english, smiled and nodded and replied with “yes ma’am, thank you ma’am.”

On my way to work this morning I popped in and bought my regular piece of banana cake. Although I am a healthy eater, I have a rule of  “one sweet treat a week” to satisfy my sweet-o-meter cravings. My friendly cafe owner was serving and when I got to him I warmly thanked him and told him everyone had really enjoyed his filled rolls and cakes. After handing over my money he asked “for you?” while pointing at my cake. I told him it was and he then handed my money back to me. With a huge smile, he waved me off with a “don’t worry ma’am, thank you ma’am, bye.”

How great is that! He’s definitely won my customer loyalty (btw – he had already won my loyalty before this morning but what a great example of good customer service). It just shows that loyalty and being nice to people does produce benefits.


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