cheesecake perfection

Cheesecake, my all-time favourite dessert and my random topic for today. I’d do just about anything if it meant finding the perfect cheesecake. I’ve discovered the one thing harder than finding the perfect cheesecake, and that’s finding the perfect picture of this dessert.

The reason for this post is because for lunch earlier this week I had an orange zest and chocolate tart. It was well-presented, registered on my sweet-o-meter but did not leave me completely satisfied. Why? Well, I eat healthy stuff and if I’m going to treat myself it must be worth the associated guilt. And my tart just didn’t quite do it. I would have been much happier (and guiltier) with cheesecake. Unfortunately on that day the only alternatives were tiramisu or apple & rhubarb crumble.

Can you think of anything better than watching the waiter deliver your beautifully presented, slice of perfection. Strategically placed on the plate, random swirls of chocolate sauce, a dusting of icing sugar, and a strawberry fan to accompany your pièce de résistance.

Perfection on a plate


One Response to cheesecake perfection

  1. Leigh Hunt says:

    Oooo – hungry all over again!

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