profanities & expletives

I have a variety of friends, some who swear, some who don’t. Yes I definitely agree that some people love to swear but what some of those people fail to realise is the extent to which they are swearing.

I used to work in an organisation where swearing was acceptable, everybody did it including management. But one day about 18 months ago, I was talking to someone and another f # * k slipped out of my mouth. The lady cringed. I mean she actually physically cringed in front of me! It hit me like a sledgehammer and I knew then that I had to change. It took a while but swearing is now another bad habit I have managed to kick.

Personally, hearing other people swear now makes me cringe but I try not to let it show. One might slip out if I am really emotional but it’s a rare occurance these days. Let’s be honest — as at February 2010 there were over one million english speaking recorded words. Surely people can come up with something that fits the occasion better than a swear word.



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