work life balance

It’s said you should never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life, and I think this sums up work-life balance perfectly.

There’s hundreds of websites that explain what work-life balance is but what it means for your personally may be entirely different to what the experts tell you. It will depend on personal circumstances and your motivators.  For example having dinner with your family each evening may be your idea of achieving work-life balance. However, for someone else it may be getting out on the golf course each week. Whatever it is, it needs to make you happy.  It’s all about “managing the juggling act between paid work and other interests you consider important.”

You’ve probably heard the standard hints such as: turn your cell phone off at night, don’t take your laptop to bed, make sure you spend quality time with your family, and don’t take paperwork on holiday.  But if you have at least half a brain, these things will be obvious.

It was the less obvious “fluffier” suggestions that made me stop and think. Hints such as cherish yourself and spend time each day doing something you enjoy. Or the idea of protecting your day off and doing mundane chores during the week so you don’t have to spend all day Saturday hanging out laundry. Perhaps re-adjusting your cleaning standards is worth considering; the breakfast dishes will wait in the sink until after lunch before they have to be washed.

Free up some space in your life so you have time to enjoy what you enjoy — play golf, watch a movie with your kids, read a book, have a bubble-bath, or practice your tai chi. Whatever it is, make the time and enjoy it.


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