calorie shifting

I’m always interested in nutritional related matters, and today I stumbled across something called calorie shifting. It’s a dieting method whereby a person varies the total calories consumed. The traditional dieter may, for example, impose a limit of 1200 calories per day. It does not take the body long to work out that its energy source has being restricted, forcing it into survival mode. The body’s metabolic rate slows down and the dieter hits that dreaded state called a weight plateau.

There are many calorie shifting diets on offer but the best one I found was where you vary your daily calorie consumption up or down by 100-200 calories, while still keeping within your weekly allowance. So day one = 1200 calories, day two = 1400 calories, day three = 1100 calories and so on until your weekly allowance equals 8400 (1200 x 7 days). According to some diet experts, this confuses your body’s metabolism and ensures the body keeps burning body fat for fuel.

There are variations on this diet such as eating at different times each day, eating different types of food at certain times of the day, having ‘splurge’ days, dieting for eleven days then taking three days off, or even fasting every second day. I’m no medical expert but dropping your “low calorie day” intake to 400 calories (as I read on one site) can not be good for healthy weight-loss.

So I guess it comes down to individual choice and the level of commitment. That, and understanding what works best for your body.


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