what keeps you awake?

Many people would have a lot of fun answering this question but despite temptation, I’ll restrict my answers to “G rated”, ie. those that would be classified within the ‘general viewing’ tv and movie broadcasting standards. The ones that would make my top ten are:
  • worrying about whether my alarm will still work on those mornings where I have to get up early to catch a plane;
  • trying to remember to remind myself to do something important the next day;
  • stressing about if the assignment reached my tutor in time or if it’s lost in an internet black-hole;
  • going to bed on an argument without clearing the air;
  • listening to university students and other party people celebrating after a sporting event in the city;
  • playing bridge like a womble and having to replay the boards in my head all night;
  • berating myself for something I did wrong at work;
  • agreeing to a second glass of wine;
  • wanting to read just one more chapter of a really good book; and
  • wondering whether “if only I had…” would have actually made a difference.

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