smoke free achievement

There were days when I thought I wouldn’t be able to stick with it, but I am proud to say today marks 18 months of being smoke-free.  That’s five hundred and forty six days since I last walked into a diary to buy a packet of cigarettes.

Apart from the monetary benefits, the health benefits of giving up are massive. Emphysema, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, heart disease, poor circulation, gum disease, strokes, blindness, infertility, impotence, osteoporosis, psoriasis, and cataracts.  It’s a fairly long list and I am sure there are many more that could be added. Medical experts can talk until they are blue in the face but it won’t make an iota of difference. You won’t give up smoking until you’re ready to and you (not other people) have made the decision to quit. 

I went from a pack a day to nothing and did it cold turkey – no patches, gum, hypnotherapy, or acupuncture. It comes down to willpower and your ability to ignore the cravings. I felt like a walking teapot for the first three months because every time a craving hit, I’d make a cup of tea. But it worked for me.

I’m much healthier for giving up; racing up hills in the city or flights of stairs is quite easy now. But it’s the little things that I’ve noticed more — I have a sense of smell back, my food is tastier, my skin tone is better, I have more money in my wallet, my clothes don’t stink, and I’ve saved a fortune by not having to buy peppermints.

And yes you can rest easy Dad, there is absolutely no chance of me ever going back to it.


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