Our world would be better if …

… everyone stopped raging against life, slowed down and took time to smell the roses. You see it everywhere – people trying to cram more and more into the 24 hours they are given.

You battle against the car traffic, the pedestrian traffic, or the cyclist traffic just so you can get ahead of one more person. But to what end? After all the pushing, dodging, swerving, and excuse me’s – were you any better off for reaching your destination 30 seconds earlier? Unlikely.

I see it every day walking too and from work on the inner city streets. Everybody is rushing, and trying to get to their destination ‘just that little bit quicker’. Woe betide the tourists or people from out of town who just want to amble down the street soaking up the atmosphere and perhaps do a bit of window shopping. Those poor people get jostled the most.

So my plea to you is slow down and take time to smell the roses. Or if roses are not your thing, soak up the scenery and be grateful you’ve got health, happiness and people who care about you.

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