the best ever advice

The most memorable and lasting piece of advice I have ever received was “to strive to be the best I can possibly be, and never compare my achievements against others.” It was relevant to me back when I was surviving my teenage years and is just as applicable today.

There are a few people around who are somewhat materialistic and for them, it is important to keep up with the Jones’. They need to things that are bigger, shinier, and newer than everyone else – car, fancy job, household appliances, designer clothes for them and their kids, and not to mention the latest technological gadgets. But to what end? Are they a better person because their salary is bigger than yours? Probably not.

For a while I’ve been stressing because I thought my bridge playing was not as good as others in my class. Recently I was bluntly asked by a friend why I was comparing myself against them in the first place. Case in point! I don’t do it anymore and guess what … my results are much better.

I think encouraging others to do well and follow their dreams is the best piece of advice you can give someone. Everybody has a dream, and it could be your words of encouragement that sets them on their journey. Just imagine, you could be the person who plants the seed of inspiration in the future Prime Minister of this country.


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