so you think you can spell

At school our teachers gave us quirky ways to remember how to spell difficult words. Even at Polytechnic spelling was drilled into us. My typing tutor failed me on a typing test once because I kept misspelling the work stationery; I’ve never forgotten it since she gave me the first hint below.

  • You find Envelopes in the stationery cupboard
  • Two Ss because you’ll always have a second helping of dessert
  • It’s necessary to have one Collar and two Sleeves
  • In twin accommodation there are two Cots with two Mattresses
  • Rhythm Helps Your Two Hips Move
  • Stalagmites and stalactites?  Tights fall down and mites run up your leg
  • Principle or Principal – the Principal can be your pal
  • It’s usually i before e except after c, but I think this a weird rule!

So why do shops still put out signs that say “Buy one & recieve the second one for half price”.  However, on a positive note my neice foned me to say she’d recieved a aprin, a stationary riting set, and a loveli book on chocalit deserts four her burthday.


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