goal achievement cont.

This is my final post about suggestions for monitoring progress towards your goals. First you need to track your progress. If nothing else it’s a great motivator. If the goal is to lose weight, use Excel to track your weight loss each week (if you are really clever you could even graph your progress). If the goal is to increase fitness – buy a pedometer, draw up a chart for your fridge, and record your daily steps. You could even start a competition with your family or work colleagues.

You need to develop a support system. It might be one of your friends who can encourage you or “give you a boost” when you are drifting off track. Or it could be an online forum of people who are working at the same sort of goals as yourself. Your partner or children will also be an invaluable support crew. People are more than willing to help you, you just need to ask!

And last but not least, you have to reward your success. For example, my study timetable is planned out for each week of the trimester. Once I have finished an assignment, I give myself an entire day off during the next weekend. I get to do what I want — anything so long as it does not involve study. Or alternatively, I have a fitness freak friend and she allows herself ‘one sweet treat per week’. That’s her reward for eating healthily and exercising regularly.

So start a tracking and support system that works for you. It will motivate, inspire and encourage you. It’s also sure to pull you out of the doldrums when you are feeling gloomy.


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