should the user pay?

I don’t like pushing my opinions particularly when they relate to political agenda’s or local council policies, however I’m going to make an exception. All this hullabaloo about the city council increasing bus and train costs has got me thinking. I live in the middle of the city and I should be upset about soon having to pay $2 instead of $1 for an inner city bus trip. But surprisingly enough I am not.

I think the council has got it right this time. It’s much better to make users pay instead of implementing a blanket increase across everyone’s monthly rates bill. If I choose to use the bus service in town I therefore accept the [yet to be implemented] increase. If I didn’t agree with the increase, I could boycott using the buses. This extends to the increases in train fares as I don’t use these services; ergo, I should not have to contribute towards the increased cost of running these services.

Conversely, I have no problem with the council using my rates money to improve the footpaths in and around the city. After all, I use them every day and I don’t really enjoy falling into pot-holes or tripping on rough patches of bitumen.


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