goal achievement

Don’t focus on too many things at once
One of the trendy things to do is to write a bucket list. It’s a list of things you want to do before you die – anything from retiring at 50, seeing the pyramids in Egypt, learning how to ride a unicycle, or developing a retirement fund.  Although this is a good concept, it can leave you with a huge list of “things I wanna achieve.”

The trick is to whittle your wish list down into practical chunks. For me, committing to extra study and improving / practicing my bridge is quite time consuming. Adding in another major goal such as learning how to play a musical instrument would mean that some other part of my life will suffer.

Do create a plan
Once you have your list sorted out your next step is to rank them into one, two, and five-plus year goals. For me, learning how to play Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 22 in E flat major is not going to happen in a month, unless I’m a musical genius (which I am not).

You should break down your goal into bite size portions. For example, I’ve just received the material for my new paper. I am now going to work out how many revision activities I need to do each week to ensure I get through each module while still allowing sufficient time to write the assessments. Simple process but it worked well for the paper I have just completed and there were no last minute deadline panics.


One Response to goal achievement

  1. Leigh Hunt says:

    Good post Kiwifloss.

    I must admit, I wrote a bucket list many many moons ago (not that it was called that back then….)
    It was from that bucket list that I was inspired to go on my onerous, but yet self-achieving writing mission.

    While I had managed to complete a lot of things that were on my bucket list, like buy a house, get married etc, it has been the writing path that has really given me the most amount of satisfaction over the years. Perhaps I should have started with that in the first place.

    Anyway, good post! Sometimes we just need to realise that doing something as simple as writing a book, does not always pan out the way you thought.

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