humdrum and epiphanies

My blog has no set theme so my posts tend to go wherever my thoughts are wandering. My old tagline musings on life; its speed bumps and rays of sunshine was not particularly relevant or memorable.

I needed an image makeover.

I considered developing a themed blog but that idea was short-lived. I’m hopeless at brainstorming and I couldn’t come up with any ideas anyway. Then I stumbled across humdrum. describes the term as ‘tediously repetitious or lacking in variety.’ It’s such a fabulous word and I wondered how I could use it on my blog. After a bit of playing I came up with a new tagline – my musings on life’s humdrum and epiphanies.

And that’s my blog in a nutshell. I may write about someone’s moment of brilliance, or an epiphany I’ve had, or maybe it will just be a post on the day-to-day routine we call life.


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