the final of Lost

So after 120 episodes over six series, the 121st episode will air on 30 May in New Zealand. Being an original Lost fan I had to take the opportunity to note the passing of this addictive, cult series. Some call it rubbish, confusing, and illogical but I’ve followed it since the first episode back in 2005. Whatever you think, you have to admit the people who developed the story line are clever. 

I’ve written this in two parts — this has been written prior to watching the two hour finale, the next part will be written tomorrow.

When I was first introduced to the island, I met Desmond who’s job was to punch  the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, & 42 into a machine so the island would not blow up. Now I’ve discovered there is a fire that has to be kept going and if it dies out then something bad will happen. Add to that Jack’s decision to become the person who will protect the island’s special light which can be found in the middle of a bamboo grove. Confused? ditto so I won’t even try to explain some of the other story lines around Jin & Sun, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley, and Claire.

So it’s roll on 9.30pm! Yes I know I could look on the internet and find out what happens but that will spoil my fun. I’ve waited five years, so another day is not going to matter. I’m just really hoping that the wait will be worthwhile and that I’m not left disappointed.


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