generation alpha

Have you worked out all the generation names? I thought I had but it seems there is a new one called Generation Alpha. I’m a bit late ‘cos apparently this term came out last year!

According to sociologists, Generation Alpha are those born in or after 2010. Furthermore this group will be “the most formally educated generation in history.”  How do they determine that when the individuals are either not even born or at best are barely six months old?

Anyway, here is the summary of the generations.

  • Silent Generation (born during mid 1920 to mid 1940)
  • Baby Boomers (born during 1946 – 1965)
  • Generation X (born during 1966 – 1980)
  • Generation Y (born during 1981 – 2001)
  • Generation Z (born during mid 1990s – 2009)

There has even been a term created — the Peter Pan generation — to describe Generations Y & Z people who have returned home to live with their parents.

What I don’t understand is why society insists on putting a label on everything. I guess it comes down to the realisation that if I assign a letter label to you, I might be able to explain why you interact well with certain people.

But what happens when they need a new generation code? Generation Beta just doesn’t sound right to me.


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