a respectable 86 per cent

I received the result for my second assessment today and my tutor gave me a very respectable 86% One must be pleased with that because according to my old-fashioned calculations, that’s an A+.

The tutor’s one suggestion was that “too much digression can be a distraction to the important points being raised.” I think he was trying to politely tell me that I waffled in some of answers. But it’s hard to walk the tightrope between giving the tutor enough information to show that you understand the learning point, but not overdoing the answer with waffle or paragraph-padding.  I asked a recent law graduate at work whether he had any gems of advice, “be concise” was the response. And someone else’s advice… “don’t bother trying to work it out, you’re not meant to win.”

Regardless of whether I waffled, hopefully my employer will be happy. They will shortly be the recipients of a business plan, complete with a marketing strategy, risk management plan, operating budget, cashflow forecast and income projections.

So once I’ve completed this course, I’m planning on signing up for the strategic planning course. It should be fun, and so long as I learn something then it will all be worthwhile.


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