the comfort in a cuppa

Unfortunately for the local baristas I don’t drink coffee, but I do drink a lot of tea. Way back in the old days when your parents had no shoes and they had to walk ten miles in the snow to get to school each day, do you remember your mother saying “come in and have a cuppa” to someone in need of comfort? A cuppa (an informal british word for a ‘cup of tea’) apparently would fix everything.
Not a lot has changed since I first heard that expression but one thing is for sure — there is a greater variety of flavours to choose from these days. You may be a English Breakfast lass, a Bell Tea guy, a healthy Green Tea-er, or a Chai sophisticate. Whatever your preference, there will be a flavour to satisfy your palette. I’m an Earl Grey-er until 10.30am then I morph into a fruity herbal tea-er. Give me any flavour and I’ll be happy although I’m not that fond of lemon.
Tea – it’s good for the soul. You can have a cup to warm yourself, catch up on goss with a friend, provide a bit of TLC to someone in need, or just have a ten minute break from life. However you enjoy it, find your favourite cup or mug and go flick the kettle on.

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