money or job satisfaction

I asked a friend to tell me what comes to mind when I say money or job satisfaction. To her job satisfaction is being able to love what she does so it doesn’t feel like a hard slog to get up and go to work in the mornings. And to the question of money, well she’ll do everything she can to stay afloat, to have financial security, and pay her mortgage on her house which gives her a sense of peace and security.

But when I asked her to pick just one she said “job satisfaction because I can live anywhere.” I found that really interesting because we have the same outlook yet she’s younger than me.  When I was her age, (late twenties) I worked all the hours God sent, often into the evenings and on weekends. I nearly burnt myself out in the process and for what? Will I be remembered for the hours of work I put into my job when I die? Probably not and frankly, it’s not something that I want written on my grave stone.

But I worked hard because I liked the status of the job and the lifestyle that the well-paid job provided.  Being made redundant relatively early in my working career also taught me the importance of not having excessive debt. When you have to look at your bank mortgage statement after just being told you’re about to be made redundant is not a good feeling.  So I promised myself that I’d never be in that situation again and ever since I’ve worked hard to eliminate my mortgage.

But as I am getting older I am wising up to life and the need to be happy. Now it’s more about job satisfaction as opposed to the money. I work, not just for the salary, but because I like the job I do. I learn something new at least once a day, no two days are ever the same, the firm pays for my favourite teabags, and I work with a great bunch of people.   I can’t ask for much more than that. Work-life balance is something else I have been musing over lately but I’ll save that for another day.


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