worry-time space

I often wake up in the night thinking “I mustn’t forget to send that email to Mr Bloggs” or “I must remember to look for a birthday present” or “I must find out how many widgets I can afford to buy before the end of the month.”  Whatever it is, I’ll lie in bed worrying about whether I will forget about the things I am trying to remember.

Good news as I have solved this problem; I always keep a notepad and pen in my bedside table. It doesn’t stop me from waking up and thinking about things, but at least I can write it down and know I won’t forget it by the morning.

But I digress – the reason why I am writing about worrying is because I read a great hint in my study guide yesterday. For students who are easily distracted with ‘mental clutter’ then one of the tips is to create worry-time space. This can be a notebook, piece of paper, blank email, or in my case a page in Microsoft OneNote. Whenever something starts distracting me from my study (like remembering to do a Google search on that new song I heard) then I write it down and deal with it later. Today will be the test to see if it actually works because once I have had breakfast I have to hit the books for a few hours.


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