the importance of grammer

Since starting this blog my need to understand grammar and punctuation has increased. I am by no means an expert and I learn something new every time I write a post. Despite that, you will probably read this post and identify at least a couple of errors or rules that I have broken. But no matter! [sic]

Anyway here are a selection of the most recent rules I have learnt:

  • When writing a list, you can insert a comma after the second-to-last item, immediately before the “and last item”. However, it is also correct to omit it. It’s personal choice — just remember to apply it consistently.
  • A job title should not be capitalised unless the person’s name precedes it.
  • Inserting [sic] is used when you are (a) quoting something in its original form including grammatical or spelling errors or (b) if you are using an unusual colloquialism.
  • You should always capitalise days of the week and the month, but you never capitalise the names of the seasons.
  • Use a colon in a sentence before you start writing a list of items. Use a semi colon when you want to join together two independent clauses / sentences.
  • The en dash is used between two values or ranges (ie. 5-10 points). The em dash is twice as long and is used at the end of a sentence to introduce an afterthought, or in the middle of a sentence to introduce something different in tone to the rest of the sentence.

Spelling is the other really important consideration when writing a blog but I’ll leave that for another day.


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