the brown paper bag

Two years ago, if you had watched people walking to work you wouldn’t have seen many carrying their lunch. These days it’s a different story. About every third or fourth person I see walking down the street has their hand-bag or man-bag in one hand and their lunch in the other. And from what I see, it’s usually leftovers from last night or sandwiches and fruit.

I applaud these people as there is still stigma attached to bringing a home made lunch to work. Women seem to be less embarrassed about doing it. Maybe it stems back to the time when households had no disposable income. The housewife would need to stretch the weekly wage fifty different ways to ensure her household commitments were met.

But in today’s world, if you compare the costs it’s a no-brainer. Someone I know buys their lunch supplies from the supermarket each Monday morning. They pay about $15 a week for bread, ham, cheese & salad vegetables. A comparable store bought sandwich costs them about $7. Over twelve months they are saving $1,000 in lunches alone. Takeaway coffees are the other big daily expense. I don’t drink coffee but some people spend a lot of money on takeaway coffee – but then to each his own.


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