five foibles of tidiness

What do you do to keep yourself tidy.  Someone once told me I take detailed and organised to a whole new level. Infact I once did a work style profiling test and I topped the ‘organised’ scale. Anyway here are my five foibles for keeping my kitchen (and mind) tidy.

  1. My weekly shopping list is written in the same order as the aisles so I only have to walk around the supermarket once.  This plan works 95 per cent of the time but can fall over when the supermarket owner decides to shift a product line to a new aisle.
  2. I actually listen to the advice of the Civil Defence planners and have a cupboard full of non-perishable food.  All my cans are lined up with labels facing ‘front and centre’. And of course the oldest ones are put at the back.
  3. My pantry is full of matching tupperware and matching sistema containers. You can call me the Container Queen because I love containers. Unfortunately my rule is that I am not allowed to buy a new one unless I throw one out first.  The same rule applies for bowls ‘cos I really like to buy bowls as well. 
  4. I save useless items. Mum always used to save the stamps off envelopes and so do I. Once I’ve saved up a reasonable pile I send them off to the local church. Not sure what they do with them but I save them nonetheless. The other thing I save is rubber bands, infact I have a tin full of rubber bands (oh and some fishing nylon).  I never use them but for some unknown reason I can’t throw them out.
  5. To this day, I still fold my towels the same way Mum taught me.  And because a good housewife has a tidy linen cupboard, all the folds face the same way. Infact you could almost run a ruler down the sides of the piles.

You’d think I have nothing better to do, but I do – honestly!  I’m just a tidy person.


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