back to the basics

I was given a book for Christmas called Tying the Perfect Parcel. It’s full of handy hints – everything from how to hang wallpaper, iron a shirt, how to change a tap washer and even how to do hospital corners on bed sheets. There’s a whole section on cleaning. Most of the ideas are things our grandparents used to clean their house before microfibre cloths, 60 Seconds and Mr Muscle were invented.  For example how many people know that baking soda and vinegar unblocks a drain, or that cleaning windows with newspaper will give you a streak-free finish. And don’t forget that salt is brilliant for cleaning tea stains or coffee grime off the insides of cups (by the way so is washing soda).

It amazes me when I walk down the supermarket’s cleaning aisle and see the rainbow of bottles for every cleaning job imagineable. Occasionally I might buy a bottle but these days I prefer to stick to the basics. However I still buy Napisan but that’s only because I’m yet to find a good ‘green’ alternative.

But if I am honest with myself and the environment, I really don’t need a different product to clean the glass shower door, scrub the bathtub, clean the soap scum from the vanity unit, and clean the kitchen bench. Oh I mustn’t forget the foaming spray that cuts through oven top grease!

An all-purpose spray cleaner, hot water and elbow-grease goes a long way in my household.  And I make it myself (water, vinegar, squirt of detergent, teatree oil and washing soda). Really cheap and it does the same job as the fancy bottles in the supermarket. And it saves me heaps of space in the cupboard under the sink 🙂


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