Nike’s attention to detail

I was today reminded how valuable attention to detail can be for selling a brand. The Nike Platinum Club sent me a VIP customer gift voucher so took myself off to my Platinum shop to see what I could find. I’ve been meaning to buy myself a decent jacket for my morning walks – a definite requirement when you have an ugly southerly pushing you sideways along the street.

I eventually settled on a Nike Storm Fit jacket (blue obviously ‘cos that’s my favourite colour). It fits well and I’m sure it will get a lot of use this winter.  When I got home I had a closer look and I noticed a few other things. Firstly there is an unobtrusive reflective strip down the front zipper panel, and another one on the back of the jacket. Secondly in the right hand side pocket there’s an internal pocket for my iPod. Then in the left hand side pocket there’s another smaller pocket which you close with velcro – I think that one is for my house key. 

But the pièce de résistance is the internal button hole in the back of the iPod pocket which leads up to a plastic clip on the front zipper facing. That’s to keep your iPod’s earplug cord in place and out of the way. Now that’s really clever thinking Nike.


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