It was with some amusement that I heard the term nimby last week. I must have had a sheltered upbringing because I’d never heard the expression before.

A nimby (Not In My BackYard) is someone who opposes a proposal for development of an area close to where they live. It originates from Nicholas Ridley, a British politician from the 80’s. The term nimby has also developed into niaby (Not In Anyone’s BackYard).

Presenters on TV were talking about nimby’s in relation to Government’s proposal to mine minerals on some areas of conservation land in New Zealand. I wonder though, whether those said nimby’s will change their view if it means getting a well-paid, full time job. Money, like it or not, usually motivates most people.   Personally I think if it’s going to generate more jobs for New Zealand, and as long as the impact on the environment is recoverable, then I say go for it.


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