not just for the wrinkly

I got a lot of flack when I first started playing bridge. Whenever I told a friend that I’d taken it up, they would laugh and say “but only old people play bridge!” But that’s not true.  I only need to look around the room on Tuesday night and see that about 20 percent of players are retired, and of them only about 30% are truly wrinkly. As for the rest of us… well the majority would be in their late thirties to early fifties and there are a handful of babies (people in their twenties). The youngest boy I have seen playing bridge would be about 15.

The thing I like most about bridge (after playing of course) is the different people I’ve met.  I work in a law firm so during the day I am only in contact with professional, confident and [mostly] articulate individuals – usually other lawyers, small and medium business owners, CEO’s, CFO’s and the like. But since I have been playing bridge I have met a preschool teacher, a training facilitator, an accountant, a project analyst,  a supermarket checkout operator, a home executive, a florist, a lawyer, and an office manager.

Bridge is also great for keep the brain working. There is always something more you can learn. I sometimes forget the basic bidding responses and end up in some wildly unachievable contract. At those times, I’m guaranteed to go light and thus produce gleeful smiles from the opposition. But as a very good player called Bob Hamman said once “Keep this in mind: if you keep playing bridge, you’re going to look like a fool a certain percentage of the time – count on it!”  Truer words were never spoken.


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