too much news

For over nine years, I have maintained my Lotsa nice things document, a collection of quotes, verses, and sayings that I consider worthy of keeping. I was flicking through it earlier and I came across something called “Look to life’s little things”. Number 15 was:

Cut way back on Media. Read one major newspaper per day. Stop watching the news. Why listen and read ten different versions of the same thing that’s not very uplifting in the first place? Too much media does not make you more informed; in fact, you may find yourself getting more stressed.

I really need to put this advice into action. I watch the TV3 Sunrise breakfast show, I regularly read Stuff, NBR and TVNZ news websites, and I watch the 6pm news every night. It is true… reading or listening to all that news is not making me more informed – it’s more like enforced agony because they’re all talking about the same thing! 

The most controversial one at the moment is “Should Wellington erect a Wellywood sign on the Miramar hills?” Personally I think it’s stupid but why am I even giving it head space. It’s a sign and I don’t really care… it’s not going to happen if Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has anything to do with it.

The media, for better or worse can rule our lives. I guess it is up to the individual to determine how much you allow the media to impact day-to-day life.  I for one need to ease up on the amount of daily news I subject myself to.


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