playing for the farm

What a funny little phrase. I had never heard the expression until a good friend of mine mentioned it. I asked her what it meant and she likened it to a similar expression ‘you’re not playing for the ranch.’  Put simply, you’re not playing a game of poker and haven’t just bet your farm while holding two low pairs. Poker, Monopoly, Bridge, Snakes & Ladders or any other game is just that … a game. 

She has tried numerous times to explain this concept to me over the past 12 months (usually in one of my ‘I hate bridge and want to quit’ moments). The penny finally dropped about a month ago and she’s right. I’m not playing for the farm and it is actually just a game. If I give it 100 percent and try my best then great, but if I don’t do so well then that’s okay too. 

2010 is my year and it’s going to be about me. I’m going to do things that make me happy, participate in activities that I enjoy and not stress when I don’t do as well as I had hoped to. I’m going to live a little and experience new experiences instead of living my life according to what others think I should be doing.

I’ve set my 2011 Round the Bays target and am about to restart my study so I can complete my Diploma in Business. But I’m still thinking about what else I could do. Line dancing was an option despite the fact I am really unco (uncoordinated) but I can’t find any classes in the city. I’ll have to put my thinking cap on and come up with Plan B. Setting up a cottage-company and selling my greeting cards is an option worth investigating but I’m not sure whether it would cover the mortgage payments. But who knows… it may be worth considering in the future.


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