what price green?

There is an interesting article this month in the Consumer magazine on green options for photocopy and printer paper. Amongst other things it discusses if importers are bringing legally logged timber into the country and whether it comes from sustainably managed forests.

The dilemma is “what price green?” I buy the office stationery at work so I could buy Office Max 100% recycled paper at $9.99 per ream or Reflex 100% recycled paper at $10.99 per ream. Alternatively I could buy Impact paper at $5.00 per ream. Our law firm goes through about 20 reams a month, so buying Impact paper would save us about $100 per month.

So where do you draw the line on ‘green-ness?’ I try to do my best at being as green as possible. My utility bills and bank statements arrive electronically, I use a plastic lunch box container, my landfill waste is kept to a minimum and I use my cloth shopping bags at the supermarket every week.

But when it affects the bottom line of your budget, you have a really hard decision to make. Do you take the hit in the wallet and feel morally superior that you buy 100% recycled/recyclable products? Or, do you close your eyes and think “well I’m helping save the planet in other ways.” I know what I do.

If you want to read the report, click here.


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